Better engineering by Investment Casting

Quality Policy

We are committed to manufacture and supply Quality Investment Castings to meet customers need at competitive price and on time delivery. We shall fully support continual up gradation of our systems, processes and technology to enhance the quality of our products and services. We maintain our market position through continual improvement of Quality management system, process technology and employee competence We ensure to supply complaint free products to achieve complete customer satisfaction through continuous improvement. We are committed to comply our quality management system as per ISO: 9001 – 2015 standards.

While Working with Quality Policy
The quality control program at nivic includes documented quality control manual, written procedures for each job to facilitate repeatability, environmental controls in key areas of the plant, spectrographic alloy analysis of each heat of metal poured, Raw material consumable quality test, a calibration program and extensive process controls as per ISO 9001:2015 certification to stand with the best in the world. All components are visually and dimensionally inspected right from the wax pattern to castings and given appropriate chemical and physical tests.
Environmental, Health And Safety (EHS) Policy

EHS Policy

To establish, maintain & continually improve and effective Environmental Health & Safety Management System to ensure and demonstrate that comply with all relevant laws regulations and other requirements.

To keep upgrading of technology, improve costs and increase safety of employees.

Promote prevention of pollution, work related injuries and illness and protection of natural resource to continually improve the quality of its conservative activities, safety and health performance.

We have in house facility to process effluents and maintain zero effluents discharge as well wax reclamation facility and ceramics waste for reusing in construction industries.

We maintain of environment by planting more and more trees.

Better engineering by Investment Casting

Quality Objective

Appreciate the customer requirement thoroughly.

Enlarge mutually satisfactory relationship with vendor.

Produce quality product at optimum cost.

Monitor and organize internal rejection and customer complaints.

Training and updating employees for latest standards and specifications on continuous basis.

Preserve good housekeeping.

Achieve total Customer Satisfaction

Support continual up gradation of Quality Systems

Encourage continuous improvements