Better engineering by Investment Casting


Nivic technocast Plant spans with total area of land 2600 Sq. Meters with Production Area of 26000 Sq. Feet and is equipped all modern machinery. We have an installed capacity of 100 metric tons per month out of which we are currently utilizing 35 tons per month. We offer in-house facility for 3D modeling and 2D CAD drawings using latest CAD software. We can also work from customer supplied 3D models in various forms like Parasolid, IGES, STEP, UG Files. To implement the exact product design, We have most modern tool making facility which includes vertical machining center [VMC], Milling machines, Electo Discharge Machine, conventional Drill Machine with use of varying of latest software.

To make a better complete finished part metal component, some processes are done on the components. i.e.

Laboratories Facilities

Our Quality control department is equipped with the following instruments

All type of Measuring Instruments

Metallurgical Microscope

Universal Testing Machine

Hardness Testing Machine

Pendulum Impact Testing Machine

Surface finish measuring Instrument

Spectrometer for analysis of Chemical Composition of the castings

Pneumatic Pressure Testing & Hydraulic Pressure Testing.

All the instruments & equipments are regularly been calibrated as per the standards of quality system of the company.

Laboratories Facilities


  • 1

    Chemical Testing

    We are using Spectrometer Spectro MAXx (made in Germany), which is well calibrated using setting up samples and certified reference materials . We have ability to check thirty two elements in our spectrometer.
  • 2

    Mechanical Testing

    Tensile testing using Universal Testing Machine of 10 ton capacity, which is well calibrated.

    It is equipped with Computerized Extensometer System to calculate Yield Stress 0.2% and 1% Proof Stress. Hardness testing in HRC and HRB is done using Brinell Hardness Testing Machine, which is well calibrated by NABL.
  • 3

    Micro Analysis

    Micro analysis using Olympus Microscope (made in Japan) with attached Digital Camera up to 1000X magnification and Automatic Computerized Micro Characterize Software. We can check following parameters.

    • - ASTM Grain Size measurement
    • - Linear Measurement/Angular Measurement
    • - Inclusion Rating
    • - Nodularity Of Cast Iron
    • - Volume Fraction
    • - Powder Particle Size Distribution
    • - Surface finish measuring Instrument
    • - Hardness Indentation Mearsurement

Time tested process controls supported by customized foundry software. Capability to cast most complex shape in almost any air melts alloys.

We are doing analysis of Metallurgical and ceramic testing including Radiography sources IR 192 and Co-60 isotopes at outside contract laboratories. We have consent from outside contract analysis laboratories for the same.